Rutherford Auto Body is here to help you simplify the process of getting your car repaired. Here are our most frequently asked questions:

1.  What should I do if I have an accident?
2.  How do I get an estimate for repairs?
3.  How many estimates to I have to get?
4.  How do I choose a repair shop?
5.  How do I get my vehicle towed to Rutherford Auto Body?
6.  What happens if someone else hits me?
7.  What happens if my insurance company is paying for repairs?
8.  What kind of warranty do I get using Rutherford Auto Body?
9.  How soon can you schedule my repairs?
10.  How long do repairs take?
11.  How much will my repairs cost?
12.  What if I need a rental car?
13.  What can I do about small dents, dings and scratches?
14.  Will you wash my car?
15.  Where are you located?
16.  Which insurance companies does Rutherford Auto Body work with?
17.  How do I take care of my newly repaired car?
18.  What do I do with a check from my insurance company?
19.  How can I pay my deductible?


1. What should I do if I am in an accident?

Call the police. If there are other drivers involved, obtain their insurance information and give them yours. Include their name, phone numbers, license plate, vehicle make and mode. Be sure to write down the insurance company name and agent. If your insurance company is paying for the repair, call your agent or claim center to report the accident. Under Ohio Law you have the right to choose your collision shop. The police will complete a police report. If your vehicle needs towed, call Rutherford Auto Body. We have preferred Towing Companies that can tow your vehicle to one of our repair facilities or to any location you prefer. If you can drive your vehicle, you can come in with or without an appointment for an estimate of repair. You may have a little wait without an appointment.

2.  How do I get an estimate?

Call Rutherford Auto Body. We will prepare a damage repair estimate at any time during our business hours. You may leave the vehicle with us so that we can evaluate the damages and prepare a thorough estimate. Some insurance companies prefer to write the initial estimate. In that case, we will start with their estimate and identify any additional repair needs that may have been missed. Regardless of who writes the estimate, your vehicle will get the best quality repair.

3.  How many estimates do I have to get?

ONE. Under Ohio law you have the right to choose your repair company. If your insurance company requests more than one estimate, please call us and we will attempt to help you resolve this issue.

4.  How do I choose a repair shop?

Consider the company’s reputation. Check community relationships, quality of work, level of customer service and satisfaction and warranty on their repairs. Rutherford Auto Body has been in the central Ohio community for over 60 years. Our #1 source of new work is by referral. Our staff is involved in ongoing training to provide the highest possible level of repair and customer service. We also offer free pickup and delivery service and can help you arrange a rental car through Enterprise Rental Cars.

5. How do I get my vehicle to Rutherford Auto Body?

Just call us. We can refer you to one of our preferred towing services. This will help to expedite the towing process. If your accident is after hours, call our main numbers for the Canal Winchester or Pickerington locations and you will be directed to one of our towing services.

6. What happens if someone hits me?

The person responsible may be liable for repairs to your vehicle. This means that another insurance company will be paying for your repair and you will be the claimant.

7. What happens if my insurance company is paying for the repairs?

Your insurance company will issue you a claim number. This claim number is all we need. At the end of the process you will pay your deductible directly to Rutherford Auto Body and your insurance company will take care of other costs.

8. What is Rutherford Auto Body’s Warranty?

We offer a lifetime warranty on all repairs. Parts, however, are backed by the manufacturer’s warranty. Should you have a problem with our workmanship, we will fix the problem quickly as long as you own the vehicle. Rust and stone chips are not covered in the repair process so they are excluded from the warranty.

9. How soon can you schedule my repairs?

We have two locations. We can move your vehicle to either location so that we can accommodate your schedule. Usually, we can schedule 2-10 days from the time all the paperwork is complete. Availability of parts may also affect the completion of your work. We will notify you if this is the case.

10. How long does it take to fix my car?

Rutherford Auto Body has a very efficient production system. Your specific vehicle repair time is personalized to your repair needs. We use a formula based on repair hours to determine the amount of time your car will be with us.

11. How much money will repairs cost?

Repair costs are based on the severity of damages and the price of parts. Parts prices are determined by the manufacturers and various vendors. We do not set the prices of parts. The other components of pricing are labor and materials. If an insurance company is paying, the only cost to you may be your deductible.

12. What if I need a rental car?

We can assist you with contacting our preferred rental company and you can arrange for a rental representative to be at our shop when you drop off your vehicle for repair. The representative will complete the paperwork and introduce you to your rental car.

13. What can I do about small dents, dings and scratches?

We can take care of all these damages for you. In some cases, paintless dent removal may be recommended for dents and dings. Scratches can sometimes be removed by getting an exterior detail. These are efficient ways to save time and money. Stop in for a free estimate during business hours.

14. Will you wash my car after the repairs?

We will. If you request a more thorough cleaning, we can provide an estimated cost through our subsidiary, SudSlingers Car Wash and Detail. SudSlingers is a full service detail shop. If you would like more information about SudSlingers and their services, click on the Sudslingers Button on our home page.

15. How do I locate Rutherford Auto Body locations?

Click here for directions and maps. You can also get this information on our home page.

16. Does Rutherford Auto Body have preferred insurance companies?

Rutherford Auto Body works with you and your insurance company to return your auto to pre-accident condition. Our 60+ years of experience gives us valuable contacts in the insurance industry and these long standing working relationships can help streamline the process.

17. How do I take care of my newly repaired vehicle?

Do not wax any painted panels for 90 days after repairs have been made. You may wash your vehicle after delivery with mild soap and water.

18. What do I do with a check from my insurance company?

We ask that all insurance checks be presented to us before repairs are started. We will retain the check in our secure safe. Once repairs are completed and you are completely satisfied with the repairs, we will have you endorse the insurance check. Please do not cash the insurance check. If you cash the insurance check, please see our payment policies below.

19. How can I pay my deductible?

You may pay with cash, personal check or credit cards. Credit cards accepted are MasterCard, Visa or Discover you may use multiple cards.