About Us

Rutherford Auto Body maintains its commitment to the highest standards of quality. We have been recognized at a national level for our high levels of customer satisfaction. We received this recognition from Audatex, a company that professionally surveys consumers on their experience with collision repair shops across the country.

Ongoing training, along with research and employee development programs allows us the most efficient and highest quality repair in a minimal amount of time. Our experience working with insurance companies has helped us develop relationships based on trust. Because we have been in business since 1947, we offer our customers stability and experience. We back our repairs with a Lifetime Warranty.

Our services include, but are not limited to the following:

Computerized damage appraisals complete with digital images that can be uploaded to an insurance carrier for their review on line. We will work with your insurance company on your behalf. By communicating on line, we cut your waiting time.

Computerized frame along with unibody measuring systems and structural pulling equipment allows us to return your damaged vehicle to factory specifications.

Welding equipment technology that duplicates factory welding.

Mechanical department that can replace any suspension or mechanical part that may be required. Our equipment includes alignment racks, wheel/tire mount and balance equipment and complete air conditioning service.

Refinishing process utilizing spray/bake booths allow us to duplicate a factory finish on your vehicle. We use an ecologically friendly, water-based paint provided by PPG. PPG Paint supplies factory finishes to nearly every auto manufacturer in the world. Car owners are generally more knowledgeable and demanding than in the past and expect the paint repair to be literally undetectable.

When this process is complete the car is cleaned and all that is remaining is the completion of paperwork.

We offer complete auto detailing.  These services are not covered by insurance. Please ask us for details.