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Annual detailing will remove most stains from seats, carpets, consoles, dashboards, etc. Preventing them from becoming permanent.

Annual detailing conditions leather and vinyl surfaces including dashboard, console, seats, window weather stripping, doors and steering wheel to prevent drying out and cracking.

Annual detailing cleans contaminants from the painted surfaces and seals pollutants out and away from the paint. Rock chips, deep scratches and scrapes expose the metal to the elements which leads to rust. There is no cure for rust. Did you know that water spots can become permanent if not removed?

Vinyl and fabric tops can be cleaned with the vapor steamer and conditioned to slow wear and tear. Headlights can be reconditioned to remove the fog. Headliners can be vapor steamed to remove stains. Smells, including smoke, food, dirty clothes, etc. can be removed.

Slow damage to the undercarriage of your vehicle. A great deal of the environmental attacks on your vehicle are acidic including salt and the relatively new beet juice and salt combination. These products eat away at your undercarriage and exterior painted surfaces. Your undercarriage is made up of bare metal components which will rust. Detailing and regular car washes will keep the deterioration to a minimum.

Sunburn… your car will get it if not protected. Just like skin, vehicles must be protected from the damaging rays of the sun. Ultraviolet rays will make your car dull, clouded, and faded. New automotive paint has some UV light inhibitors, but much like sunblock on our skin, it wears off. Regular professional detailing that includes waxes and/or sealants will stop the damage from the sun.

As a safety measure, using Aquapel on your windows can keep rain or slush from obstructing your vision.